bulthaup bread board with crumb tray

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bulthaup bread board with crumb tray - for enjoying bread every day

One of the rituals that brings us the most pleasure is sharing breakfast at a well set table - accompanied by the seductive scent of delicious bread, fresh from the bakery or the oven. It tastes particularly delicious when each slice is cut from the loaf just before eating. This is because the crust keeps the bread fresh for longer: it protects its soft interior and ensures the fine flavour is retained. With the bulthaup bread board, you can slice a loaf stylishly and hygienically, without leaving crumbs on the table.

bulthaup bread board in maple wood - the board’s advantages at a glance

  • High quality: Attractively crafted with traditional box joints
  • Practical: The crumbs simply drop through the slats into the collection tray
  • Ecological: FSC-certified maple from sustainable European forestry
  • Naturally beautiful: The genuine look of real, untreated maple wood

Enjoy bread - avoid crumbs

The bread board is attractively crafted, with solid strips of maple wood put together with traditional box joints in an aesthetically pleasing grille formation. The practical side: the crumbs simply drop through the slats into the collection tray. This can easily be slid out and cleaned when necessary.

Good to know:

Wood remains the best choice in the kitchen where it comes to cutting food with a knife. Not just because of its natural beauty and pleasant feel, but above all because the anti-bacterial effect of the compounds present in the maple wood make it particularly food-friendly.

Proper cleaning and care:

Simply clean the bread board and crumb tray by dusting or wiping off crumbs. Heavier soiling is best removed with a warm, pH-neutral soap solution and a soft brush. Then rinse with hot, clear water. Always wet both the top and bottom in order to avoid bulging or distortion. After cleaning, wipe the bread board with a tea towel and then let it dry off fully by standing it up on its end.

Product details

Material Natural maple
Production method
Hand-crafted solid wood
Colour Beige
Dimensions 45 x 31 x 4 cm
Gross weight 1,660 g
Scope of delivery 1x chopping board, 1x crumb tray

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