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bulthaup salt and pepper mills for stylish hospitality in the kitchen and at the table

Practically every dish tastes bland if it lacks that essential pinch of salt. And no other spice is as versatile as pepper, lending its special, aromatic heat. No surprise that salt and pepper are a vital presence in our kitchens and should not be forgotten on any dining table. This is why bulthaup has developed its high-quality wooden salt and pepper mills: efficient, precise and elegant.

bulthaup wooden salt and pepper mills - highlights of the mills at a glance

  • High-quality: Hand-crafted unique items
  • Precise: Swiss precision grinder:
    stainless steel mill for pepper, ceramic for salt
  • Ecological: Body made of solid, sustainable, FSC-certified wood:
    pepper mill in walnut, salt mill in oak
  • Functional: Continuous range of grinding settings

The grinder - the heart of every bulthaup salt and pepper mill

We ought to treat our salt and pepper with care, considering how valuable they are for our culinary pleasure. Pepper is best ground fresh and as finely as possible before use, so that its aroma can fully unfold. This requires a high-quality, precise pepper mill, the quality of which is ultimately decided by the geometry and material of its grinder. A good grinder does not crush the pepper like a mortar. It shells it. This means a stainless steel mill is the first choice.

With salt, however, the sharpness of the mill is not the first consideration. Rather, you need a material that can sustain exposure to a comparatively aggressive mineral. A good and precise salt mill is therefore always fitted with a high-quality ceramic grinder. Because ceramic is much harder than stainless steel, and above all corrosion-resistant.

Good to know:

A ceramic mill should never be allowed to run dry, that is, empty of salt. If the hard milling blades are allowed to grind directly on each other, the material will quickly be damaged.

Quality through artisanal technique - manufacturing the bulthaup spice mills

To achieve the perfect milling result, bulthaup has commissioned the manufacture of the stainless steel grinder of the pepper mill and ceramic grinder of the salt mill from Swiss specialists. In their small manufactory, they work with loving detail, creating the highest precision and maximum efficiency. bulthaup has the same requirements where it comes to the manufacture of the high-quality wooden body. Exclusively sustainable, FSC-certified wood is used - oak for the salt mill, walnut for the pepper mill. Each mill is made from a single piece of solid wood. This means each is a high-quality, efficient and unique piece with an unmistakeable aesthetic.

Product details

Material Salt mill: oak, pepper mill: walnut
Stainless steel
Salt mill with ceramic grinder,
pepper mill with nickel-plated steel
Material suitability Pepper mill not suitable for grinding salt
Only use salt mill with ground material
Colour Pale and dark wood
Height 21.6 cm
Diameter 5 cm
Capacity 0.05 l
Gross weight 620 g
Scope of delivery 1x spice mill or 2x spice mills in a set

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