bulthaup serving tray and bread board

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bulthaup serving tray and bread board - practical and attractive

What is more pleasant than spending a relaxed time with friends and family? Whatever the time of day or season, whether indoors or out: culinary delicacies are simply a must and need to be safely transported. With its practical and aesthetic combination of a serving tray and wooden bread board, bulthaup offers a unique accessory, versatile enough for breakfast in bed, barbecues on the terrace and snacks during a relaxed evening in front of the television.

bulthaup serving tray and bread board - highlights of the practical combination at a glance

  • Practical: Serving tray and bread board all in one.
  • High quality: Hand-crafted, secure, stable and long-lived
  • Ecological: FSC-certified solid wood from sustainable European forestry.
  • Aesthetically pleasing: Bread board in maple, tray in walnut with handles of anodised aluminium.

Quality is in the details - the manufacture of the serving tray

The tray not only saves you from tedious running back and forth to the kitchen. In addition to its original function, it serves as a collection tray for the bread board, offering protection from irritating crumbs. The tray thanks its high functionality and excellent aesthetic to the many stages of its manufacture, using tools specially designed for the process. It is worked on for as long as it takes to meet the high quality requirements of bulthaup.

Alongside the love and care with which the materials are treated, particular attention is given to the stability of the tray, ensuring that even heavier tableware reaches its goal securely. The aluminium handles may look dainty: but their bolts are anchored so deep into the wood that they can support heavy loads. In addition, they are ergonomically designed, meaning the tray is comfortable to carry.

Combination with bread board - added value with elegance

The craftsmanship of the manufacture continues in the bread board, made of dowelled maple wood. This means it fits perfectly into the tray and can be removed again with ease. The balanced geometry of the wooden slats not only forms a harmonious whole with the tray. It is conceived in such a way that even larger crumbs fall through the grille into the tray during slicing. This makes slicing bread simple and clean. The high-contrast combination of materials also gives the serving tray and bread board a modern aesthetic, bringing together functionality and good taste.

Proper cleaning and care:

Simply clean the serving tray and bread board by dusting or wiping off crumbs. Heavier soiling is best removed with a warm, pH-neutral soap solution and a soft brush. Then rinse with hot, clear water. Always wet both the top and bottom in order to avoid bulging or distortion. After cleaning, wipe the bread board and tray with a tea towel and then let them dry off fully by standing them up on end.

Product details

Walnut wood serving tray with a colourless matte varnish,
Bread cutting board maple solid wood raw without any coating
Anodised aluminium handles
Production method
Hand-crafted solid wood
Colour Dark brown
Dimensions 49 x 37 x 6.2 cm
Gross weight 3,360 g
Scope of delivery 1x chopping board, 1x serving tray with aluminium handles

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