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bulthaup spice containers - aesthetically pleasing spice storage for precise dispensing during cooking

Cooking is a creative process. As a painter moves steadily towards creating a complete an artwork with every single stroke of the brush, so we give our meals their special flavour when cooking by adding the right quantity and mixture of spices. That is why every kitchen needs a selection of high-quality spices, in addition to salt and pepper.

Alongside hygienic, secure storage, the bulthaup spice containers allow you to keep an overview of where everything is and dispense the spices easily. With their pleasing design, these high-quality spice containers are an adornment to every kitchen, making spicing up your cooking a special experience.

bulthaup spice containers - highlights at a glance

  • Aesthetically pleasing: A high-quality mixture of materials - glass and fluted, anodised aluminium
  • Practical: The size of the container is the same as a standard refill package; glass shows the current fill level
  • Ergonomic: Ease of handling thanks to the fluted shape
  • Flexible: Various settings for pouring/shaking
  • Safe: LFGB certified (food safe)

Spice storage and dispensing - well thought through to the very last detail

Proper storage is essential to prevent spices from clumping or losing their aroma. They like it best in cool, dark, dry and airtight containers. For this reason, the best place to put them after cooking is in a closed kitchen cupboard or drawer. The bulthaup spice containers are ideally suited for this kind of storage. They offer additional protection against damaging external influences and help preserve the aroma over a longer period. For this reason, spices in refill packages should also be decanted into the containers directly after purchase.

The fluted, aluminium-sheathed, non-slip bulthaup spice containers are attractive and practical aids not just in storing, but also in correctly dispensing spices during cooking. The glass container sticks out a little at the bottom, so that you can immediately see the contents and fill level. Setting the opening for shaking/pouring actions makes precise measurement child’s play.

Proper cleaning and care:

Only clean the surface of the spice containers with a warm, pH-neutral soap solution and a soft cloth, then wipe again with a soft dry cloth to prevent streaks. You can clean the glass containers in a dishwasher at temperatures up to 60°C. The aluminium lid is not dishwasher safe.

Product details

Material Glass
Fluted anodised aluminium
Plastic with and without chrome plating
Colour Clear glass container, silver-coloured lid
9.4 cm
Diameter 6 cm
Capacity 0.15 l
Gross weight 213 g or 1,700 g
Scope of delivery 1x or 8x container and lid

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