bulthaup porcelain storage jar

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bulthaup storage jar in white porcelain - practical, with timeless elegance

If you like baking and cooking, you know it only too well: open packages do not offer your food sufficient protection, leave traces on the worktop and are not pleasing to look at.  

Timeless bulthaup storage containers in white porcelain are a hygienic and elegant solution to the problem of safely storing and preserving kitchen supplies.

bulthaup porcelain storage jar - highlights of the porcelain jar at a glance

  • High value: The best functionality, processing and material quality
  • Hygienic: Can be closed airtight and odour-proof
  • Timeless: Simple, elegant, a life-long companion
  • Food friendly: Protects stores against light and damp

Store food stylishly and hygienically

The history of porcelain goes all the way to 7th-century China. For a long time, it was a precious rarity and a highly desirable luxury commodity. For this reason, like salt, it still carries the nickname “white gold” to this day. Porcelain has always been the number one choice for high-class table settings, thanks to its flawless appearance and special material qualities. It combines elegance, robustness and food safety like scarcely any other material.

It is also these qualities that make white porcelain the material of choice for bulthaup storage containers. They are ideally suited for storing dry foodstuffs such as flour, sugar or tea, protecting them against light and damp. And their simple elegance fits stylishly and timelessly into any kitchen design.

bulthaup decoration tip:

The white bulthaup porcelain container is a real all-rounder. It is not just perfect for storing your food, but can also work as an elegant vase, holding flowers at the centre of a lovingly laid table.

Proper cleaning and care:

The surfaces of the bulthaup porcelain storage jar can be cleaned simply using a warm, pH-neutral soap solution and a soft cloth. You can also put the storage jar in the dishwasher. When doing so, please remove the seal ring.

Product details

Material Fluted, glazed porcelain 
Plastic sealing ring
Colour White
8.5 cm
Diameter 9 cm
Capacity 0.3 l
Gross weight 360 g
Scope of delivery 1x container and lid


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